z-club: the netflix of electric vehicles


What is the Z-Club

The Z-Club is a revolutionary subscription based service for personal electric vehicles. Instead of high interest rates or a large upfront cost, you simple subscribe to the Z-Club at a monthly rate and gain access to our wide variety of electric vehicles! On top of that, you can swap batteries anytime at our showroom location. And, you'll be able to hang out in our Z-Lounge, a state of the art lounge and relaxation area! (Coming in 2019)

starting at $99 per month

Membership in the Z-Club comes at three different tier levels.

  • Bronze (Bicycle)
    • Choose any bicycle you want. Swap bicycle types anytime you want.

  • Gold (Moped)
    • Choose any moped or bicycle you want. Swap between moped or bicycle any time.

  • Platinum (Motorcycle)
    • Choose any motorcycle, moped or bicycle you want. Swap vehicle types any time you want.
    • Check out an additional bicycle for short term usage for a friend!

additional benfefits

  • Battery swapping at our showroom location
  • Exclusive access to the Z-Lounge
  • Offers from our partners in Austin
  • Routine maintenance included

reserve your spot in the Z-club today

Reserve your subscription today, the 2019 roll out will have limited space and will be Austin's newest and only electric transportation club, giving you premier access to our electric vehicles!

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