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Who we are

We are a team of EV enthusiasts and technicians who understand the positive impact PEV's will have on urban living. The team believes in sustainable solutions that can be utilized by everybody and PEV's are key in providing major mobility solutions. Our passion and unique team has allowed us to create America's first brand of personal electric vehicles that offers a complete line.    

Why us

Most companies are making high dollar and performance products of a single class, or niche products that serve few consumers. Our focus at Z-Bikez is creating an American brand of affordable, quality vehicles for all. This technology and its practical applications are being underutilized in The USA and we plan to implement effective solutions into the marketplace.


The EV market is growing rapidly and is in its early stages of formation and implementation of the technology. Many aspects of this market are being ignored and there are not enough American companies leading the way with responsible and innovative solutions.  The large increase of people living and transiting into American cities, and worldwide, is continuing to increase every year. Personal Electric Vehicles are forecast to grab a large share of the emerging urban transportation market over the next several decades with recent years upwards of 90% YOY growth in various sectors. Large consistent growth is expected for the future of this industry.  

Z-Bikez is the only US company that offers a complete line of quality PEVs that are practical, reliable, and affordable, with the ability to implement unique solutions on a large level. 

The future

Z-Bikez has our showroom in Austin, TX and are now expanding into online sales and B2B solutions. We have a model that we will be implementing in Spring 2019 that will revolutionize the way PEVs can be used and adopted across all platforms. 

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