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As cities across the globe become more dense, urban mobility has become an issue that city leaders struggle to solve.  Z-Bikez founders, Michael Bruner and Taylor Prestwood, moved to China to study how some of the most compact cities thrive and report a high standard of living.  One of the most effective strategies that they came back to the states with was the use of personal vehicles, which had completely transformed China's mobility issues in a few short years.  Being socially and environmentally conscious, the Z-Bikez founders chose to bring the concept to the states in an affordable and electric model.  Whether you are a weekend warrior or a conscientious commuter, Z-Bikez has a solution fit for you.  Our quality, prices, and custom designs are unmatched in the United States.  

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Z-Bikez is delivering Urban Freedom to those ready for a better way of life

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Z-Bikez' complete line of two-wheeled electric vehicles provides a world of options for the modern urban lifestyle at a fraction of the cost.

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We're based in the coolest city in the world, Austin TX.  

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